Sparta: War of Empires

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Sparta: War of Empires brings you to an ancient greek world, where city-states endlessly fight or unite for domination, glory and cash. Apparently, the reference historical setting is the one of the Second Persian War (made famous by the movies), at the time when the greek cities (or poleis) united to face the persian ... read >>


Supremacy 1914

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In Supremacy 1914 each player is the leader of one historical nation, and can use diplomacy or force to subjugate enemy territories, build powerful economies, and rule entire continents. Although many other browser-based games promised us the same exciting experience, this game by Bitro Labs is by far above them all. ... read >>

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Seafight  in short
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good PvP simplistic setting
cash trap
originality 4 details 5
care 5 diversity 4
experience 7 longevity 6
graphics 7 multiplayer 7
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You will find Seafight somehow disappointing, and this shouldn't surprise you, given the game's description:
Become a pirate, conquer the seas and hoist the Jolly Roger! This is your #1 real-time fantasy adventure: It's time to set sail for a captivating adventure, compete in grueling battles at sea and satisfy your undying desire for freedom, fame and wealth.Play and compete against thousands of real-life opponents to experience high seas action and adventure. Anchors aweigh, make waves on the Seven Seas and become the most feared pirate ever!

In this Seafight you start straight into the High Seas, and you are free to explore the world. You can simply either sail around and fight other pirates or some (pretty static) sea monsters, or you can take one of the many quests that are offered you. These quests however, as you may expect, bring you back to the first point through some shallow story. The advantage of completing quests is that they are generally very rewarding, which is good for boosting your level fast.

Anyone that loves pirates would like to experience some pirate action, that's true. Chasing, firing cannons, pillaging, pimping the ship. We all want that. The problem with Seafight is that this is basically all we will get. They could be spacecrafts, and apart from the labels on objects ('laser' in place of 'cannonballs', 'propulsors' in place 'sails', etc.) we wouldn't notice the difference.

Where are the buried treasures, the savage boardings, the voodoo swamps? Nothing is there. The sense of 'freedom' they promised us is nowhere to be found. Pirate stories (or any high sea story) are appealing because they talk about long journeys, distant ports, mysterious island, treasures in caves, temples. And then savages, legends, cursed items. Here instead you can't feel this world as real, because it is too much centered around you. There are plenty of human-controlled ships around, that's true, but that's not enough to make a game-world believable. Why so many players then? Well, not having enough story, believable setting, or variety of gameplay, the only option is to PvP. And many players like it so much. Clicking (a lot), shooting varieties of ammunitions and harpoons, fleeing away. That's it.

If you are after some casual pirate-themed MMOG I think that you will like Seafight. Nothing wrong with this. Players go around, sometimes in cliques, attacking lone (sea?)-wolves. These little fights often grow into epic battles, and that's real fun. Also, it is quite easy to chat with others, and maybe wander around together. As many other big games out there, though, you will soon realise that your cardboard ship with some smelly blankets for sails and spits in stead of cannonballs ain't enough. You start in a PvP-free area, so you have time to familiarise with the controls, the many panels constituting the game interface, and level up.

When you enter PvP areas that's a completely different tale to tell. And this is right! But, even though the players start with some pearls, the most practical way to gain more seems to be through the cash shop: the most powerful ships and ammunition are priced in this special currency. This gets very frustrating.

So if you are looking for a campaign-style game to play alone, better to set sail towards something different. If you like casual pirate PvP, then you may give it a try!

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Score: 34 out of 100

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