Sparta: War of Empires

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Sparta: War of Empires brings you to an ancient greek world, where city-states endlessly fight or unite for domination, glory and cash. Apparently, the reference historical setting is the one of the Second Persian War (made famous by the movies), at the time when the greek cities (or poleis) united to face the persian ... read >>


Supremacy 1914

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In Supremacy 1914 each player is the leader of one historical nation, and can use diplomacy or force to subjugate enemy territories, build powerful economies, and rule entire continents. Although many other browser-based games promised us the same exciting experience, this game by Bitro Labs is by far above them all. ... read >>

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Hobo Wars 2

reality fighting

Hobo Wars 2  in short
pros cons
great concept poor realization
originality 9 details 7
care 6 diversity 5
experience 6 longevity 5
graphics 7 multiplayer 7
would you recommend it?

I'd love to write a very positive review for this game, but I just can't.

Hobo Wars, here in its second version, is a browser based game by a small aussie game devoloper (HellBored Entertainment) with a great concept. Just great: it puts you into the filthy clothes of some homeless dude, in the rewarding fight for the hobo supremacy. In Hobo Wars 2 you live as a hobo, eat as a hobo, beg as a hobo, and fight as a hobo. The low life is now at your fingertips, without the smell and the rats (oh, well, there are rats everywhere in this game).

Although the idea is great, the realisation is just average. As in the most standard fighting game, you have your stats, your inventory of silly items, your daily routines. Beg, collect cans, sell them, eat and drink, sleep.

The exploration of the city is almost non-graphical, and you just click arrows around you, hoping to stumble across some cans or green notes (yeah, in this city you can actually get rich by just walking around... players are hobos by choice). By moving, as well as attacking, you consume energy and possibly lose life. For the latter, the hospital provides all you need (if that was a lucky day and you can afford the busty nurse). For the former, the energy, you need to stay "awake" by eating or drinking, and some points are regenerated twice a day. Experience and levels come with fights (just clicking on someone else's name, and reading a plain fight report), and you can also train your skills going to some weird school.

There is not much else to do. I know that this is pretty much the hobo life, but you need some better ideas if you want to turn this into an interesting game. I read comments around about how this game is addicting, but honestly that was not my experience. After one hour of playing this game I was hoping for something else to happen, but the only thing I found was some casual mini-games.

Players can receive some form of quests, but they are very very shallow, almost inexistent.

Finally, there is a quite decent community behind the game, and also a wiki. It seems to me that players are quite active, and this is definitely a plus. There is also a FB version, but Hobo Wars 2 did not make me want fight for hobo supremacy against my friends.

Hobo Wars 2 ()
VideoGame > Browser Game (web browser)
Hobo Wars 2, reality, fighting browser game
Score: 55 out of 100

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