Sparta: War of Empires

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Sparta: War of Empires brings you to an ancient greek world, where city-states endlessly fight or unite for domination, glory and cash. Apparently, the reference historical setting is the one of the Second Persian War (made famous by the movies), at the time when the greek cities (or poleis) united to face the persian ... read >>


Supremacy 1914

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In Supremacy 1914 each player is the leader of one historical nation, and can use diplomacy or force to subjugate enemy territories, build powerful economies, and rule entire continents. Although many other browser-based games promised us the same exciting experience, this game by Bitro Labs is by far above them all. ... read >>


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Pirate Century

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Pirate Century is one of those games that makes a very good first impression, but fails later to meet your (high) expectations. In his new version, the interface and 'look and feel' of Pirate Century is very attractive and, most of all, it recreates that imaginative atmosphere that so rarely you see in a (browser) game... read >>



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You will find Seafight somehow disappointing, and this shouldn't surprise you, given the game's description: Become a pirate, conquer the seas and hoist the Jolly Roger! This is your #1 real-time fantasy adventure: It's time to set sail for a captivating adventure, compete in grueling battles at sea and sat... read >>